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Saturday, July 02, 2022

Sharon K Connell

Through college, Sharon K Connell's residency had mostly been in Chicago, IL. Through the years, she’s lived in WI, MO, CA, FL, and OH, but has visited all but six states in the US, as well as Canada and Mexico. She graduated from the Pensacola Bible Institute and holds a certificate in fiction writing from the International Writing Program through the University of Iowa. She runs a Facebook group forum and has a monthly newsletter, both for writers and readers. Her clerical career, spanning 50 years, placed her in positions from file clerk to office manager, mostly in clinical settings. Being retired from that phase in her life, she now resides in Houston, TX. Her stories reflect the things she’s learned, her personal experiences, and the places where she’s been. All other information, professions or occupations, situations or actions in her writing comes thorough research. She calls upon professionals in those fields to bring her characters and stories to life. Many of her contacts are through the American Christian Fiction Writers organization, of which she is a member, or from her group forum, but she never hesitates to call upon local law enforcement, the military, FBI, or other organizations, for information to make her characters and situations realistic. She writes novels and novellas in the Christian Romance Suspense genre and short stories in other genres.