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Friday, November 24, 2017

Allan Kimball

Allan C Kimball

I've been writing since I was seven years old when my grandmother put paper and pen in front of me to keep me occupied on a rainy day in my native Vermont. "Write me a story," she said, and I've doing that ever since. My first paying job was at a newspaper (back when 10-year-old kids got to deliver them to your front door before dawn each morning). All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was either a cowboy or a writer, and when I moved to Texas I got to be both. I had a slight detour in the U.S. Navy, but thanks to Uncle Sam I got to see most of Europe, some of Africa, Australia, lots of the Caribbean, and all of the Orient including an interesting place called Vietnam.

For most of my adult life, though, I've worked as a journalist at daily newspapers in Texas. Sometimes I was an editor, but most of the time I was a reporter. I got to cover major league sports, gubernatorial races, prison boot camps, banking scandals, hurricanes, heart transplants, and cowboy hat manufacturing. Thanks to my press pass I got to meet several presidents, sports stars, musicians at the top of the charts, movie stars, Bronco Birnbaum, and beer drinking goats.

In 1990 my wife Madonna and I moved to the Texas Hill Country and started the Hill Country Sun magazine where we met many wonderful people and got to write about them. We sold the magazine a couple of years ago and now just take on projects we love to do.