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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

DeAnn Daley Holcomb

DeAnn Daily Holcomb

DeAnn Daley Holcomb is an award-winning television and newspaper journalist, published author and full-time writer. Holcomb, a Fort Worth TX native, graduated from Texas Tech University.

Family Secrets is her first fiction romance novel, published by P3 Press, an affiliate of Brown Books Publishing of Dallas.

In 2011, Family Secrets was named a finalist for the Eric Hoffer National Book Award and in 2012 Family Secrets was a finalist for the Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Award.

Set in Pleasant Valley, TX, Family Secrets chronicles the heartbreaking, humorous and romantic journey of three generations of women. Jennalee is shattered to learn her true identity and finds comfort in the arms of the strong and handsome Lance Forrester. Emma Cherie finds the courage to leave her abusive husband and takes the chance on finding happiness with her true love. The lovely and captivating Charlene, must learn to relinquish control and let destiny takes its course.

Family Secrets

Family Secrets

Fiction, Romance, Family

Jennalee will never forget the day she learned the shattering truth about her identity. The words from her adopted father ring in her ears, "Your Aunt Charlene knew everything: she arranged it all."

Pleasant Valley, a small Texas town, is the setting for Family Secrets, a heartbreaking, humorous, and romantic journey of three generations of women. As hair is dyed, trimmed, bobbed, and curled at Charlene's House of Style, there are secrets shared, gossip galore, and lifetime bonds of family and friendship formed with more than hairspray.

The blond, beautiful, voluptuous Charlene Cristabelle Maurice has designated herself as the town's fashion expert, counselor, and social worker. Charlene controls her destiny and tries to control the fate of everyone around her. Emma Cherie Secrest finds the courage to leave her abusive husband. In the conservative era she lives in, Emma will risk it all to be with her soul make.

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