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Sunday, July 03, 2022

J.M. Jordan

J. M. Jordan

Ms. Jordan was born in August of 1976, in Logan, Utah. Her family moved often which she attributes to her “gypsy soul”. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in History from Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In 2007, Ms. Jordan moved to Houston, Texas. In addition to writing, she is a Social Studies teacher at a local high school. Family, teaching, and writing are where she focuses her passion.


Flowers In Winter

Flowers In Winter

Fiction, Family Life

1982—the year that bleeds into the next. Sarah Cash unravels the grief of finding her mother’s suicide. Haunted by the discovery, she searches for answers and finds herself pressed into the family business. Leaning on the tenacity and vigor of her great-aunt Eunice, Sarah grapples with becoming the incumbent matriarch and a need for control within the chaos. Challenged by her father’s rush to move on, Sarah hunts for what will keep her family together as his choices threaten to tear them further apart. In this recollection of her broken youth, Sarah can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever find flowers in winter.

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