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Saturday, July 02, 2022

Ann C.K. Nickell

Ann C.K. Nickell became a writer at the young age of eight, when she penned her first short story, “The Bullfight”, the tale of a matador and a bull, in which the bull wins. Over the years, Ann discovered that she couldn’t fit her voice inside one genre box. She weaves tales of love, ghosts, pirates, dystopian societies, history, and travel into short stories, poems, novels, and non-fiction works.

Ann is also a contributor to Slate Charity, an annual written translation competition that helps impoverished Russian students learn how to speak and write in English.

Ann is passionate about tacos, beaches, and Texas, and she loves traveling across the great state, discovering its sandy shores, storied past, rich culture, friendly folk, and delicious Tex-Mex restaurants.

Ann loves adventure, so it’s hard to tie her down, but she is the proud owner of a cute little historic house with shiplap walls, adorned with canvases of her own photos taken throughout Texas. She lives there with her funny dog, Gracie Lou, and a few black bellied whistling ducks that made a home in the big tree in her front yard.