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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Matthew Kelley

Placed in an escape pod and jettisoned from a dying planet, MRK crash landed on Earth in 1981. While much of his formative years are shrouded in mystery, he spent a significant portion in the State of New York. With the passage of time, a seed of wanderlust bore fruit within his soul and he began traveling the world in search of adventure. His journeys led to the discovery of the love of a true Lady, and with it, obtaining a profound happiness. He has spent the past 8 years living in Dallas, and together with his trusty companions, Choochie the Precious Monster and King Baby Grayson, they fight crimes against Imagination wherever they may arise.
MRK is a Plant-Powered Philosopher, a student of storycraft, a lover of music (of which NIN, RUSH, and Phil Collins are amongst his favorites), and an avid distance runner - he is currently in the midst of an UltraStreak, which is the running of at least 2 & 1/2 miles each day consecutively since December 1st, 2011. He does this for his niece Emily Ridgeway, and to bring awareness to the rare liver disease she has called Biliary Atresia.
Along with the help of his fellow comrades - Christina Hopkins, Corey Hickok, and Johnny Ridgeway - MRK established Disasterpiece Press in 2011. The first novel published under the imprint is "the last good story.", a modern day blues ballad of dark proportions and the first Disaster in the constructed world of MRK.
2020 will be transformative year for Disasterpiece Press. Along with MRK's next novel, a tale which challenges the scope of hope & horror, the imprint will begin publishing a Digital Storytelling Digest and hold a crowdfunding project with hundreds of comic book, video game, toy collectibles and memorabilia available as incentives for individuals to invest in Disasterpiece Press: a Union for Creatives. 
MRK does not eat cilantro.