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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Christina Conner

Christina Conner has been a spiritual seeker all her life and has a diversified background but moved to Texas in 1980 where she found her calling at Unity of Houston, one of the largest and most dynamic New Thought spiritual centers in the US. She came on staff in 1992 and became a Licensed Unity Teacher/counselor by 2001, teaching Unity and New Thought classes and speaking at surrounding Unity churches. She also currently serves as a spiritual counselor/coach on Wednesdays at the Unity Houston office.

Right after graduating from Unity Institute in 2001 as a Licensed Unity Teacher and evolving through spiritual unfoldment to the realization of the inner joy that is our birthright, 911 happened. Asking Spirit what she could do to help the world in any way, she found out about laughter yoga and laughter clubs and immediately knew that was the next step of her path and mission and trained to become a Certified Laughter Leader. Word got around and she was then busy speaking on the healing benefits of humor and laughter, leading groups from assisted living centers to Rotary Clubs to Women’s groups and more! She has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, in ADDitude Magazine and on various news channels. Christina is a writer and author, has been published in the book, Hot Chocolate for Mystical Lovers, Always Hope and published her first book, You Deserve It, A True Story of Learning to Say No in Order to Say Yes to Big Love, under the pen name of Marisa Bellami.

Her book, You Deserve It, recounts her personal journey of the search for a loving partnership, after examining her chaotic childhood and how it affected her thoughts and beliefs about love, relationships, marriage, life and prosperity. In that search, she learned that her relationship with herself and how she had not loved and honored herself, attracted her life experiences and her story chronicles the books and teachings she came across in her journey that helped her learn how to change her neural pathways to form new life beliefs and experiences, including a Big Love for herself and her current husband. Her mission now is to help others know these same truths. She offers her services through laughter yoga, speaking, workshops, spiritual coaching and You Deserve It Retreats..